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Glazing is a general term for a variety of painted finishes for walls, ceilings and furniture. Artist color is suspended in a translucent glaze medium and then different techniques are used to create many effects. Strie and dragging are done with linear brush strokes creating a look of fine silk or an aged distressed appearance. Parchment is a feathered soft ragging to look like parchment paper. A crosshatch finish is a two-step process applied with two directions of strie that creates the look of linen. Rags, cheesecloth, sponges, or plastic can be used to create a variety of looks, from leather to a coarse stucco appearance, or a subtle wash of color. Marbling and faux bois (woodgraining) are achieved with multiple layers of glaze and are used for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

Gilding is a process involving the application of very thin sheets of 23 carat gold or other metal leaf. It is often used to accentuate molding details in rooms or furniture, but is also applied to ceilings where the squares of each sheet overlap which is part of the desired look.

Venetian plaster, Italian stucco, intonachino, marmorino, travertine, Italian plaster, are all terms of finishes which use a mixture combining finely ground limestone and marble dust. Each finish has multiple thin layers applied with trowels, blades and spatulas and is either polished to a marble like sheen in the case of Venetian plaster or marmorino, or mixed with coarser marble dust to create a distressed stone like appearance as with travertine and intonachino. Multiple thin applications of the plaster are followed with burnishing. Color washes may be used followed by a wax finish applied for protection and water resistance. A wide variety of looks can be achieved with these techniques.

Murals can vary widely in both style and content. Painted on walls and ceilings or on canvas to be installed, any idea can be translated. Detailed trompe l'oeil can trick the eye to see a window or architectural structure framing a view and creating room-expanding perspective. Historical themes and styles can be painted and distressed to mimic antique hand painted wallpapers. Contemporary designs can draw on multiple influences to work with the feeling of the room, and children's murals will create any mood or environment desired.

Decorative finishes can be used in endless ways. Reproduce ancient artworks, duplicate rare woods or change your wood columns to marble. Color, stylization and texture can be used to create a multitude of contemporary designs. Custom wall glazes and plasters can create a perfect backdrop for any d�cor, or the dimensions and mood of a room can be visually enhanced with murals. Please take a look at our portfolio to see some examples of the wide variety of ways that paint and plaster can enhance a room.